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The easy way to charter a bus anywhere in Singapore. Best Buses, Best Prices, Best Services.

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  • We service you since 1978

  • Registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) & GeBiZ Trading Partner (GTP)

  • Member of Singapore School & Private Bus Owners' Association

  • Best Buses, Best Price, Best Service.


Welcome to Raffles Bus Services
Charter your group's transport services
with ease & confidence.

Why Choose

With almost 30 years of corporate, group and charter bus transportation experience, we have served many well-known multinational corporations (MNCs), country clubs, condominiums, schools and government bodies. Our company and our staff care about you, your group, your satisfaction and safety.

Each of our charters is personally managed by our experienced staff. You will find that this personal attention will insure a quality charter bus rental experience, each and every time. Our commitment to customer safety and satisfaction is recognized industry wide.

Simple and Hassle Free Bus Charters

will insure that your bus chartering comes hassle-free! With our rich experience, we have taken all of the guess work out of chartering a bus and know exactly what our clients expect from a quality charter bus operator. We know your time is important and there is one that knows this more. Let us save you time and money by handling all of your transportation needs with our "ONE CALL DOES IT ALL" service.

Safety Is Always Our Main Concern

When safety is your first priority, call the professionals at . Our experience is your assurance of a safe and high quality charter bus experience.


Neo Soon Huat

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